Friday, November 13, 2009


I'm an introvert, some might call me anti or on-social person. I think "anti-social" sounds too harsh though. Like I HATE people. Far from the truth! I like non-social better. Anyway, I'm not a people person. I think naturally I'm just not social. But also society as a whole, is really getting to me. A lot of things I just REALLY don't like. Let me count the way. . .

So I was wondering, is it better to find a small group of people who you have stuff in common with? You know keep sane? Or is it just better to keep to myself and keep to my thoughts? My art, writing ect.

I know its really up to me at the end of the day. But I'd like to get some thoughts on the matter. . .

I'm a young 21 year old guy.

I am also a non-social person. But I do enjoy being with other people. Yes, I find it somewhat stressful, but it is really a lot of fun. Now that I have graduated college and moved to a new city where I don't know anyone, I find I miss having my small group of friends to hang out with.
Reply:I am very social. However, I strongly believe that it is very good to have a small group with which you have a lot in common. These are your friends. The other are your acquaintances.

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